About The Warrenton Meeting Place


About TWMP


As stated in the Preamble to our By-Laws, The Warrenton Meeting Place is a non-profit entity, a 501(C)3, separate from such organizations as Alcoholics anonymous, Alanon, Narcotics Anonymous, Alateen and other 12 step organizations. We are organized for the purpose of providing a safe and clean meeting place for the use of those and other 12 Step Recovery Programs. Although not affiliated directly with those and other 12 Step Recovery Programs, we operate in the spirit of their Traditions and are guided by their Principles.

TWMP is a 501(C) 3 non-profit corporation formed to acquire, manage and maintain the TWMP facility. Use of the TWMP facility is open to all 12 Step groups approved by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is an elected group that provides oversight and direction to the TWMP Corporation, including approving the procedures, rules and regulations for facility use.

The Board is assisted by a Facility Manager and an Operations Manager who directly manage and maintain the physical building and assist the meetings approved to use it. The sole purpose and goal of all TWMP Officials is to carry on activities to aid and assist groups formed to help people recover from alcohol, and other addictions by providing and maintaining a facility for group meetings.